Captain’s Tale

My wife Karen  and I grew up in the beautiful state of Oregon where we still have many friends and family.

boy that water is cold

We did a lot of diving in the great Pacific Northwest where the water temperature is just a little cooler than here in Roatan. While it is beautiful and the sea is full of life there, we find as we age gracefully we prefer the warmer waters here on Roatan to be much more to our liking.

We first came to the island in 1993 when we came for a week and did some wonderful diving.Our next chance to visit was many years later and this time we extended our one week trip into a two weeker. Next thing you know we are here full time.

Pidgeon Cays in the background

We have merged our love of diving , warm sunny places, and laid back living into our current situation.

And now we have been here for several years and have the experience and facilities to make your diving adventure a treasured memory. We know the best dive sites and the time to go to them. We have developed relationships with some of the local people  that help us provide you with some unique experiences such as lunch on the beach in Helene.