Guanaja Trip Dives

A barrel full of crabs in Guanaja We offer you a chance to see some of the best of the Bay Islands on our overnight trips to the island of Guanaja.
Our trips are a mix of some of the most beautiful scenery both above and below the water. Come see the beauty of Guanja and enjoy the unspoiled waters.

Our excursions depart from our dock in Oak Ridge early in the morning (times to be arranged) and we return around 5:00 PM the next day.See our directions page for info on getting here.

Guanaja living

The price includes the boat trip from Roatan to Guanaja, all meals, over-nite accommodations, and snorkeling or dives.The only things not included would be your drinks and an optional night dive for the dive excursions.

Dive trips include two dives on the first day around Guanaja and two dives on the second day along the south shore as we return to Roatan. Sites are chosen based on your experience and the weather.

Snorkel trips include stopping to snorkel at various sites around the islands and Cays as we travel to and around Guanaja.

To view maps to help you visualize where we are talking about click here

We offer three classes of accommodations on our excursions.


Hotel Alexander – $300

For the budget minded we stay at the Alexander Hotel located on the South end of Bonacca Cay. The rooms are very basic but clean and neat with cable TV. For a small additional charge there are rooms available that are air conditioned and also hot water showers.

Dunbar Rock – $350

For a small group on a more flexible budget there is Dunbar Rock. This is available only for a small group as there are only four rooms available. The rooms are not air conditioned but the view is spectacular. Situated on a large rock in the middle of the bay there is a 360 degree view of Guanaja and the surrounding cays.

Aerial view of Graham's PlaceGraham’s Cay – $375

For the ultimate tropical feel there is Graham’s Cay. With private bungalows located on a beautiful white sand beach. All rooms are air conditioned and incluse a refridgerator, microwave, coffee maker, and wireless internet.