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big sponges

The island of Roatan is a diver’s paradise. Just drop in the water anywhere along our wonderful reef and you will enjoy a dive filled with beauty. The south side where we are located is mainly walls that drop off to 200-300 feet just yards from the shore. This provides some spectacular vistas as we swim along the wall covered in corals and plant and animal life.


That being said, there are some dives that have even more amazing feature to behold. We have selected a few of those dive to list here to give you an idea of the beauty of our island and the  wonder that awaits your next visit to our diving mecca.

Calvin’s Crack

a portal to the wall


One of the more spectacular dives on the island is right on our doorstep.This dive is located just minutes from our home base in Oak Ridge.We drop into an opening in the reef that leads us to the crack.


headed toward the wall

floating along the wallThe crack gently slopes down to about 90 feet and leads us out to the wall.

This is an intermediate level dive but beginning divers wont miss out  by staying along the top of the crack



What’s The Point?

This dive is in the historic Port Royal area which was home to estimated thousands of pirates back in the day and it is  one of our favorite dives.

a grand place to beThis dive starts on top of the reef with a swim through that takes us to the wall. The opening is rather tight so beginning divers will want to follow along on top of the reef till we get to the wall. You need good bouyancy control here!

Once we reach the wall you are treated to some beautiful scenery of corals and plant life.

Blue Hole

This dive is located East of historic Fort Morgan Cay with its remnants of pirate fortificaations. While not a true “hole” , it is still very pretty and you can see this spot on Google Earth. Its fun to point to and show your friends “I was diving right there!”

the blue hole

We start in a big sandy bottom where there is lots of life including our resident colony of Garden Eels.  There are lots of sandy bottom creatures that are fun to watch.  We often see big morays here as well.



blue hole is full of them


As we move along the reef there are  so many large barrel sponges you lose track  of trying to count them all. We try to do this dive when it is calm as the sandy bottom can easily become stirred up with big seas.